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Our 1 year old room


In our one year old room, we introduce group concepts and scheduled activities that align with the NCFELD handbook as well as meets ITTERs and state requirements. As their attention span is expanding so are the blocks of time devoted to  the lesson plan. Our lesson plan focuses highly on language development and includes singing, reading books and to help the children’s ability to communicate keep up with their desire to be understood, basic sign language. We also plan developmentally appropriate activities that support emotional and social development. 

"Self-help” skills are also introduced, our teachers assist the children in learning how to do things such as washing their hands, and feed themselves with eating utensils. 

There’s also plenty of structured outdoor play to help support the children’s rapidly developing mobility. This play time is directed appropriately and is carefully managed so that only children of the same age are out together. Our one year old children will not be combined with children over 2 years of age at any time. 

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